// editor’s note from ‘selected image macros from I AM NOT ALT LIT may 2k12-june 2k13’//

deckfight press put this out last month, i don’t think the editor’s note has been posted here some ppl might like it. the deckfight press chapbooks, including jordan castro, mel bosworth, josh spilker, j. bradley & others are on scribd now

read / see the ‘selected image macros…’ chapbook here

editor’s note’

seems like I AM NOT ALT LIT started in june 2k12

it’s an ‘off-shoot’ of I AM ALT LIT

it was started to ‘document’ the conversations around the term ‘alt lit’

specifically ppl claiming to ‘like’ or ‘not like’ alt lit

seems like terms like ‘alt lit’ develop around movements, ppl first ‘embrace’ terms, and then

seek to ‘go beyond’ that term for fear of ‘labels’ or losing their ‘individual identity’ as an artist

also in these ‘movements’ ppl begin calling themselves or identifying themselves as the certain

‘term’ and longtime members begin to feel that these new ppl are ‘interlopers’ who do not

understand the ‘true spirit’ of the movement

this happens in almost every niche everywhere; whether it’s ‘hippies’ or ‘hipsters’ or new ppl

moving into an area (‘you’re not from around here, are you?’).

ppl become ‘defensive’; some ‘drop out’; some say they were never ‘really’ a part of it.

w/ alt lit i saw an opportunity to monitor the ‘term’ and see how ppl respond to it

w/ alt lit i saw an opportunity to participate in the discourse as well

i’ve ‘paired’ comments abt alt lit w/ ‘humorous’ photos of ppl & celebrities for somewhat

‘comedic’ effect. what you see here are selections from the past year; not every ‘image macro’ is

included. also, I AM NOT ALT LIT includes other ‘screenshots’ etc of conversations & comments

that are not image macros, along with other ‘alt lit’ promotional posts.

they also exists as art in ‘themselves’, part of the modern ‘image macro’ movement of 



I AM NOT ALT LIT has ‘ebbed’ & ‘flowed’ & I didn’t do as many as these as I first thought.

There’s also a lot more screenshots, etc. over there.


submit something if you ‘want’ & help us keep ‘track’

thankks rlly ‘thankks’ — j spilker, founder of I AM ALT LIT & I AM NOT ALT LIT, date: may 2k13